Yiayia A'la Carte Restaurant

Elegant Fresh and amazing deep tastes from around the world. The finest products are used to create mythical dishes that will take your taste to a whole new level.


8h30 Am -10h30 Am

English Breakfast

English breakfast with eggs, sausages, hash brown, english sausages and bacon, beans, toasted bread, butter, juice, coffee.



One of the most famous Mexican breakfasts with fried tortillas, eggs and peppers.


Continental Breakfast

If you are a light eater and you want a light bite then have our excellent continental breakfast with fresh croissants, freshly baked bread, local homemade marmelade coffee and juice.


Scrambled Eggs & Bacon

Scrambled eggs with milk and fried bacon on toasted bread.



Famous sandwich, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.


Scrambled Eggs

Soft scrambled eggs on freshly baked bread topped with some parsley and it can't get better.



12.30h00 Pm - 3h30 Pm


Freshly prepared Pizza with toppings of your choice baked in our wood oven for original Italian tastes.


Souvlaki in Plate

Amazing, famous, delicious Greek souvlaki from Pork or Chicken with French fries, tzatziki, pitta bread and greek salad. A fulfilling plate that will give you the feeling of Greece.


Chicken Wings

Famous American-style chicken wings with French fries and lettuce. If you are a chiken lover then try our home prepared chicken wings and you will love them.


Chicken Nuggets

A dish loved by our young fellas. If you have children then this dish with French fries is an ideal choice. They'll love it.


Gyros Pitta

If you are in Greece and you eat meat then you must try the famous Gyros in pitta. Filled with nice pork meat, tomatoes, onions, tzatziki and French fries.


Club Sandwich

You just cannot miss it! Simple but delicious with ham cheese, mayo, tomato, lettuce and bacon for extra taste and French fries on the side.


Octopus Salad

If you are a fresh seafood lover then you might want to try our new elegant light octapus salad. The taste of Aegean in your Plate.


Grilled Seabass

Amazing Greek fish from the waters of the Aegean straight on your plate. Fresh fish around 350 gr sided with French fries or rice.


American-Style BBQ Ribs

Try our homemade BBQ Ribs with our homemade sauce, French fries, red cowboy beans, coleslaw salad and corn.


Haraki Famous Burger

Our Burger changed the way everybdy understands burger in Haraki. Fresh minced beef meat grilled with onions, lettuce, tomato, bbq sauce and cheddar cheese.


Chicken Caesar Salad

If you want a light snack then why not try our grilled chicken caesar salad with our freshly prepared sauce.


Greek Salad

Tomatos, cucumbers, onions, olives, feta, kapari, rocket and olive oil. Thats one of the most famous and delicious salads worldwide.



7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Lobster Spaghetti

Lobster Spagetti is a rich, creamy, and delicious seafood pasta dish with lobster and creamy Parmesan sauce. Amazing dish for those who want someting upscale for a special occassion to impress and not only.


Surf and Turf with Prawns

Beef Steak with Prawns and asparagus on the side. For those who are food lovers this is an amazing dish.


Veal Steak

Amazing, better than beef filet is only the veal steak from local cows. Medium rare for more taste with fresh sea salt sided by asparagus and mashed potatoes.


Fresh Seabass

Eat our grilled seabass sided with mashed potatoes or rice. The smell of this beautiful and rich flavoured fish is amazing.



Home made Pastitsio made from pork and beef minced meat, pasta and bechamel sauce.



Greek dish with bechamel sauce fried potatoes and aubergins and minced meat. It is a must try while you are on the Greek islands for holidays.


Seafood Rissotto

Infused with a number of fresh herbs, imparting remarkable flavour into the risotto rice base. Made with scallops, prawns and mussels.



Mexican dish, juicy minced meat in red sauce rolled in Mexican tortilla.



A Carribean style hotel like Alia could not miss the taste of the most renowned dish in America. Corn, cheese, minced meat, beef or chicken with lettuce peppers and tomatoes rolled in Mexican tortilla. Have it for dinner or lunch.




Ice Cream

The words for this summer desert and not only are not needed. Whether a kid or adult everybody loves the sweet tastes of ice cream. Served per scoop.


Home made Baklava with fresh nuts for extra flavour.A sweet that is the flag of Greece from Ancient years. Baklava was known in ancient Greece as trigonaki triangle.


Home made kataifi with fresh nuts for extra flavour. Kataifi is made with the same way like baklava only is softer and has the top sliced as hair.


This is a dough fried and topped with honey and cinammon.


Ravani is a coconut cake type of sweet soaked in syrup perfect to eat eith a cup of capuccino.

Apple Pie

Famous around the world and home made in Alia you can find Apple pie made form fresh Greek Apples.


Amazing Greek traditional dessert of semolina-based custard in phyllo.It is served or coated with a clear, sweet syrup. The custard may be flavored with lemon, orange or rose.

Chocolate Pie

For cocolate lovers Chocolate cake or chocolate gâteau (from French: gâteau au chocolat) is a cake flavored with melted chocolate, cocoa powder, or both.


All time


Pale straw, a welcoming citrus bouquet, dry, crisp refreshing acidity, grapefruit on the palate. Light bodied and refreshing.


Ktima Hatzimihali

Red dry wine cabernet sauvignon. A beautiful red wine for those that want to try a delicious greek wine with their steak.Cinnamon and nutmeg, blackberry, plum, oak beautiful light wine.



A nice red dry Local wine from Cair. Variety - 60% Mandilaria and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon.Characteristics - Deep purple color. Aromas of red fruit, plum. licorice, vanilla and sweet spices. Rich body with flavors of plum, licorice, cinnamon and vanilla. Balanced taste with moderate acidity and solid tannins. Possible to age 4 to 6 years.Excellent pairing with lamb, grilled red meats, braised casserole meats, pizza with cold cuts and cheese.


Queen of Hearts

Wine Ntama Koupa White Nico Lazaridi. Bright golden color with gentle nose characterized by white-fleshed fruits and distinctive aromas of spring flowers.


Vivlia Chora

The aromatic blend of cosmopolitan experience with vibrant Greek gives a wine with fruity aromas reminiscent of exotic fruits, peach and citrus. The flavor of rich, refreshing with excellent balance, pleasant acidity and long aromatic aftertaste.


Rodos 2400

Rodos 2400 is made from Athiri variety, the local Rhodian grapes and is amrked as P.D.O. wine. This exceptional wine has intense aromas of green apple, white peach, lemon peel and notes of dry cereal and thyme.


Mavro provato

Pale lemon color. Pronounced aromas of lime, litchi, grapefruit, peach, nectarine, with some notes of grass. Pleasant acidity, medium body with the flavours following the aromas of the nose with a pleasant aftertaste. Aging: Will respond to aging for up to 2-3 years after harvest. Syrah and merlot


Ktima Gerovasileiou

Aged for about a year in French oak barrels. Bright ruby red with a complex bouquet of spices and ripe dark fruits (plum, cherry, etc.). On the palate the wine offers gentle tannins enhanced with an abundance of fruit intensity, creating the impression of strength and balance.